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My Center

via Daily Prompt: Talisman Katy is my talisman A tiny elephant A gift given in the midst of the gift of energetic healing. She lives in a bag that was also a gift. A necklace of  36 amethyst and tiger eye beads from the talented hands of my sister cousin holds the pouch around my… Continue reading My Center


Community Bonds Have Withered

Heart in Hand


Odd Fellows research is clear: there is a decline of community in our modern era. Odd Fellows recognize that modern society is eroding many forms of community life, social attachments, and a shared sense of comradeship, unity, and support. Some research has indicated a decline in community theater, festival, and football attendance. A lack of community has debilitating psychological and physical effects on people. Being Odd Fellows means we are called to work on this concern locally and internationally. We must also come to understand more about the decline of community.

community bonding 2 Odd Fellowship provides all these values in our lodges (except for political connections).  However, we must lead in stabilizing community values on the local and international level.

U.S. sociologist Robert Putnam states that “the social glue that binds together individuals and wider collectives is referred to as social capital.‘”…

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Showing the Scars


Imagine if we could see the emotional pain and scars represented on the skin of those around us. Festering, oozing, open sores on the skin of those still trapped in their pain and black and blue bruises covering the bodies of those beginning to heal.  What about those with scars?  Some may hide the scars, embarrassed by their pain and past struggle even though they had to be so very strong just to survive. Those with scars that show, uncovered in the sun, for all to see may be the strongest of all.  These are the scars of people who were strong enough to survive, heal, and continue living despite their past.  How different would we relate to people if we could see their internal pain? How different would we present ourselves if our past was visible on our skin?


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Feeling buried. Hoping it’s just a seed phase.

via Daily Prompt: Patience What's that saying about seeds and burying? Life sort of feels that way to me right now,  like I don't know where I'm going next. Which of course is not really necessary, I can live in trust that the Spirit is guiding me.. go with the flow, live in the moment,… Continue reading Feeling buried. Hoping it’s just a seed phase.


Sygogglin’ Skewwhiff

According to my brilliant cousin Laura, skewwhiff is a word of 18th century Scottish origin meaning off balance.. According to my equally brilliant cousin Lynn sygogglin' is also an apt word for this craziness that has claimed my brain! Maybe I should back up a bit and explain to y'all just exactly why I feel… Continue reading Sygogglin’ Skewwhiff



Happy Saturday y'all. It's another beautiful day, I'm getting a major case of spring fever! So many times I use words .. Overuse words. So much, they lose meaning. Thankful. Full of thanks !!! Grateful. Full of gratitude!!! Love. Heart swelling with feeling that is completely ineffable !!! Love is the word that comes closest.… Continue reading Words