Sarvis Winter

That is what my daddy, Hoss Weaver, would have called this cold snap we’ve been having  this week. Sarvis, for those who “ain’t from here”  refers to the Serviceberry tree that is in bloom right now.  Dogwood winter, blackberry winter, variations on the same theme. I think my strawberries got bit a little, my fault, should have covered them up.  Darn it, I hate when I do dumb stuff like that! On the upside, this cold spell has brought some fine rain with it. The pastures are greening up really nicely, I always love it when the mountains start turning green. I do so love springtime!  Hoping this weekend to find some time to go check on the branch lettuce and ramps up in the mountain. I think a mess of branch lettuce and early ramps might just be the spring tonic I need right now.

Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we should start processing  Foxfire Holler pastured poultry next week. We are going to have a couple for Sunday dinner, just to make sure they are ready, and then start processing in earnest Monday about 5 AM.  I know Matthew is really looking forward to it, he hasn’t actually said so, but I can see it in his face every time I mention it.  I’ve got this bridge for sale up in New York too, by the way.
The first birds to leave will be the unfulfilled CSA’s from last years disaster, then after that we should have poultry all summer long. If you want non frozen, fresh birds, please call me and you are more than welcome to come out to the farm and get some before I freeze them. We plan to be done with packaging  and have everything in the freezer on Thursday.  If we can get done, Matthew gets a  birthday surprise for his 16th. (if you’re reading this buddy, it ain’t a car.. just so you know )

The lambs are gorgeous this year, I think this is our prettiest crop ever, I say that every year, and the young’uns always laugh at me.. but it’s true!  We love to watch the lamb races at dusk, watch them chase each other and jump and run like they have springs on their feet. There is nothing more joyous & peaceful than lambs. One day I am going to try to capture that on video. I always say that too.

If I can remember it, after I finish this writing, I need to call down to Mays Meats and see about moving these hogs to the freezer pasture, and we can all have sausage again… I’ve been out for so long, I’ve bout forgotten what it tastes like!  Seems like these days my forgetterer works better than my rememberer.. Reckon why that is? Old age ? Probably, but I’m just thinking I’ll stay in denial for a few more years yet!

There is so much to be thankful for this spring, my heart is so full !  Seems like we are being blessed with lots of new relationships, as well as cherished old ones. Maybe it’s a sign of my own personal growth that I am seeing the richness and wonder in relationships, and recognizing that they all bring something different to the melting pot that is my life.  When I read the book The Shack , I struggled with fully appreciating the concept of relationship which Papa keeps asking for.  Maybe I am growing closer to it. And by the way, if you haven’t read it.. Do it.  ASAP !

A truly wonderful friend sent me the coolest present last week.. guess ? nah, you’ll never get it.. An electric grain mill !!!!!! I’m telling y’all, this is the coolest thing since a wood splitter! I’ve been grinding everything I could get my hands on. I have to admit, we were getting lazy, it was somebody needs to grind corn if we are having cornbread for supper. Everyone  would generally disappear and then complain a lot. And someone would wind up running out to pick up a bag of cornmeal (yuck) from the store.   The Wondermill  takes just a few seconds to have enough meal for a cake of cornbread and it never, ever whines!  Now if I could just find my favorite whole wheat yeast bread recipe.. it’s put up somewhere safe, I know. Dadgummit!

Well, I reckon that’s all the news from the farm. On the fiber front, we’ve got some classes scheduled for the season.  We will be kicking it off  by demonstrating at the 1904 Courthouse Museum for their Spring Celebration this Saturday from 10-4 or so.  As per usual it will be very hands on for young’uns of all ages, if the weather is pretty and we can be out on the lawn, we will be taking a couple of  pet-able lambs along.
We will be teaching  2 spinning classes and a natural dying class for kids at the Florence Thomas Art School in Glendale Springs on the  27th of July.
We will also be teaching at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) in Asheville  in October again. Not only is this truly an honor, but it’s just SO much fun!  Several kids spinning classes are planned, so keep your eyes open so you can sign up early as space will be very limited.

We signed up to do the High Country Farm tour with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture again this August 4th and 5th, this is always a barrel of fun for us and hopefully for the visitors also.  Just keep your fingers crossed we can talk GiGi into her famous  fried chicken again this year and all will be right with the world.  We are going to need some tour volunteers, musicians to keep jam sessions going, and fiber demonstrators. We promise to  feed you good and hug your neck.   Christy has a thing planned for the end of May. Not exactly sure what, but she’s promising good stuff, so stay tuned. I kind of freak out over the idea of farm tours, I know there is a demand, I know it’s a good thing.. but wow! It’s hard enough to farm without trying to keep a place storybook perfect all the time. Those of you who know me, know that I’m not good at that anyway!  But I was reminded in a conversation recently, that the reason we have farm tours is to help people connect with their food, and see what a real, working, sustainable  farm looks like.  So, I agreed to do it this year again, but sometimes I think this particular funny farm might be just a wee bit toooo realistic.  Y’all come on tho, we’ll have fun and at the very least you can go home feeling much, much better about your own house and yard keeping skills !

I have been wondering what kind of interest there would be in spinning classes here on the farm. Please give me some feedback and let me know if you would be interested. Possibility of some camping availability on farm too.

OK .. I’ve heard the dreaded what’s for supper question a couple times now, reckon it’s time I figured that out.

Hope all is awesome in your lives today! Much love from the farm, Nancy


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