Learnin’ to Keep My Mouth Shut Whilst Having Aha Moments

Hey y’all .. Man, the sky’s so blue and the sun is shining. I went down to the road to pick up Skyler in shorts and tshirt this morning!  Spring has sprung 🙂 

I feel that, since I publicly epiphanized yesterday, I should publicly apologize today. So if y’all who are not part of my family will just bear with me for a moment, I would like to clear something up. 

My post yesterday was not about my children, it was about my reactions to people who require my interactions. I’ll tell y’all what, I’m not much of a pill taker atall, but I have to tell you.. going on an antidepressant was like coming out of a very long, very dark  tunnel. I find myself waking up to poor relationship habits quite frequently. It’s not all about princess Nancy .. really .. Can you imagine? Every silly thing that my children or my mother say is not designed to make me feel guilty!  Wow … When Christy was huffing and puffing and sighing over the lack of TP, I took it all on, internalized it, made it about me… An emotionally healthy mama would have said, “Quityerwhinin’ and tear a page out of the phone book or go out in the woods and find a leaf or  something, for pete’s sake”   When Lori was huffing and puffing and sighing over my need of her car, I should have used a variation on the same theme.  My children feel free to use big sighs and eyerolls because, for the last 4 years, my guilt over Larry’s death… Well … I’ve just flat given them permission to, I’ve said.. in effect.. I’ll play the martyr here, because you lost your dad at such an early age blah blah blah…  The girls themselves sat me down and explained, just a week or so ago, that my issues with Matthew at 16, compared to Josh and AJ at 16, are a symptom of single parent syndrome.  Overcompensating to make up for what I feel is missing in his life.  Anyway, my epiphany was about owning  these silly over the  top reactions to equally silly little stuff… and my desire to end that cycle.   So to my wonderfully awesomely amazing children and grandchildren, I am very sorry that I upset you.  And the organic white chocolate candy bar that you brought from The Eclectic Pantry has no bearing at all on this apology… Really… 

Ok .. now on to farm stuff, we have a few piglets that I have decided to sell. They are $100 dollars each, firm. They are worth it.  We still have Buff Orpington pullets for sale, but that won’t last long.  If your doggie has food allergies and needs raw milk, we have that too.  Call me, I’m having email troubles right now. I can get to Facebook, usually early in the morning, or you can call, but email seems to be really iffy.

In the incubator, we have tray of 60 eggs that are due to hatch on the 12th,  and about 150 more on the 24th.  They will be $2 each as 2 day old chicks. These are a barnyard mix of heavy  layers, brown and blue eggs, from my own laying flock.  I would love to buy some guinea eggs to hatch if anyone knows of any for sale !  OH !  Nearly forgot.. We have some beautiful Buff Orpington roosters, 5 dollars each. The Buff is a gorgeous bird, very dual purpose, so if you are looking for a meat bird… these will be ready to butcher in about 5-6 weeks free ranged, less if you keep them up.  


OK … I’m late to milk, but I wanted to get this out there. My thanks to all of you for being so patient with me!  

Sending much love from the holler, Nancy and the Critters 🙂 





4 thoughts on “Learnin’ to Keep My Mouth Shut Whilst Having Aha Moments”

  1. I have a friend with guineas but she lives in the northwest corner or Rutherford county. How would we keep eggs warm enough to get them to you? Or would you rather have a few guineas themselves? Am being totally presumptuous here cause I don’t know if she would want to get rid of any but it won’t hurt to ask. Let me know. Blessings on you and yours, melanie

  2. Nancy Beth, you are an Amazing Woman!! Not many of us can step back and see anything at all about ourselves — I want to come down there with a list of how many ways you perk up my days!!

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