Chickerdiddles & Other Useless Ruminations

Morning y’all, Just getting in from morning chores, thought I’d get a cup of coffee and pay a little attention to the blog.  The sky is Carolina blue and the grass is a blinding lush green.. what more could you ask for ?

We planted tomatoes yesterday, had some limbs from trees we had taken down… used those for stakes. Skyler got here this morning and said “Mamaw, you’re growing trees??!!”  I didn’t disabuse her of that notion, she is now watering the trees. Uhhuh, warping them for life!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the chicks Skyler and I took out of the incubator and took to the brooder this morning.. Now that’s what you call a basketful of diddles!

There has been so much going on that I really just don’t know where to begin, our first batch of meat birds in mostly out in the tractors on grass.. I just couldn’t bear to put them out til it warmed up some, so they were up about a week longer than normal.

Penelope got sick, ate something toxic, maybe?  Over the weekend… I didn’t realize how attached to her I had become til I was sitting down there with her head in my lap crying and praying. I’m very thankful for good friends who came out to help and lend support.. Charles and Carla Young, Celeste… She’s better now, and we don’t really know what happened to cause it. Thank God she’s ok.

I am heartened by the results of the Hershberger trial. I’m glad the he was found not guilty. Raw milk CAN make people sick, so can all kinds of other things. It’s wrong for the government to try to control the food I choose to eat. Conversely, I am saddened by the Monsanto Protection Act that our wonderful prez signed into law. This is just wrong on so very many different levels, not the least of which is the implementation of a law giving a corporation the right to be above the law. Well, that’s my opinion of course…anyhow!   I could go on but I need to plant some stuff and weed some stuff and water and feed some stuff .. you get the picture ! I do believe this is what I will continue to do, so that my family can be taken care of when the stuff finally hits the fan. Reckon that’s all a body can do.

OK .. Coffee’s gone, breaks over. Reckon I should get my sorry hiney to work for a bit.

We have some pigs and chicks for sale. Pass the word if you would !   My number is 336 384 9463

Much love from the holler, Nancy and the Critters



3 thoughts on “Chickerdiddles & Other Useless Ruminations”

  1. I marched against MonsAnto on Saturday. Feel strongly about it. Took a friend with me and there were at least a thousand of us.

    1. Trying to think how far away y’all are from us?? No worries on the eggs, just don’t refrigerate them and they will be fine!!! I wanted so badly to go march !!! I’m so glad you did !

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