Ruminating on a Peaceful Sunday Morn

Happy Sunday y’all!

Usually when I blog, I am looking out the windows from my kitchen, inspired by the early morning waking of the farm. Noisy silence….

Not so this morning…. For 3 weeks Mama and I have been living at Forsyth Hospital. An MRI revealed a mass ( that’s a kinder gentler way for medical professionals to say tumor) on her brain…and here we are.

It is for sure that God has used this time together to teach us to be more tender towards each other.  His grace…….


This has been a daily journey of letting go for me.. So I reckon the time has not been wasted. A body , a mind, can do a lot of thinking when all it has is

Not letting go of Mama. No no I’m not ready for that yet.

Letting go of the dream of the farm… That was hard! Grace. I know it wasn’t a failure, I know that we touched some lives. And I know that it’s time to move on. And I am at peace with taking it one day at a time and letting my path be guided by the Spirit.

Letting go of what I thought was a rest- of -my-life-soulmate-one-great-love (you know the drill) relationship. Without guilt and regrets. Grace.

Letting go of control. Grace.

Letting go of the past.
Letting go of the future.
Learning to live in the now.
Trying to do some good in the now.
Cause that’s really all there is.

Mama talks of selling the farm. If that’s what she wants, I think, with Grace, I can accept that and go on to the next step. Joyfully. Grace.

May Grace be yours too
Love and Peace , Nancy

I am here only to be helpful
I am here to represent Christ who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or to do
Because He Who sent me will direct me
I am content to be
Wherever He wishes
Knowing He goes there with me
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.

–A Course in Miracles


10 thoughts on “Ruminating on a Peaceful Sunday Morn”

  1. Becky and I read this and are thinking of you in love. For what it’s worth, your `’ruminations`’ taught me something tonight. Truly, letting go is a hard lesson to learn. I aspire to have the grace you have. We love you! Laura

  2. Tass, I love you with all my heart, you know that. You are giving, caring, uplifting, fun, hard working, all in all, just a good soul. Over the years I have seen you struggle and work yourself physically and emotionally into the ground. There is no shame in hard work….but there is a time to let go if its killing you. Maybe your journey with your momma was to teach you just that. Slow down and enjoy the good things …find those things that make you happy in giving….and let go slowly if thats what you feel your new calling is. Whatever you decide…..I wish you only the best my friend ❤

  3. Always saying a little prayer for you and sweet Polly. You are an amazing, strong woman, and you will have a crown full of gems and stars for taking such good care of your family. Don’t make hasty decisions about the farm, give it some time.
    Love you both.

  4. Im so sorry Nancy…… for your sake, I hope your mother changes her mind about selling the farm….. I know you are letting go of a lot, but hate that the dream of having a farm is going away too. I see that farm in your future…… dont give up that dream… One day…..Love you and have you all in my thoughts.

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