Happy Saturday y’all. It’s another beautiful day, I’m getting a major case of spring fever!

So many times I use words .. Overuse words.
So much, they lose meaning.
Full of thanks !!!
Full of gratitude!!!
Heart swelling with feeling that is completely ineffable !!!
Love is the word that comes closest.
Still feels overused and inadequate!

Doxology dialect.
I read this in an Ann Voskamp passage yesterday.
The Doxology immediately jumped I to my head.

It’s the song that I always sang by rote in church and never listened to the words for …
A song full of thanks and praise..
This time, in my head, I heard it ! Really heard it !
I want to develop a Doxology Dialect in my own life !
The difference between
Believing in God ..
Knowing Jesus …
Intimacy with the Holy Spirit…
Praise God from whom all blessings flow…

My apologies if this is a bit disjointed. Just random thoughts ruminating in my head !

Love is a verb y’all. Get out there and do it 😉 Nancy and the critters


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