Community Bonds Have Withered

Heart in Hand


Odd Fellows research is clear: there is a decline of community in our modern era. Odd Fellows recognize that modern society is eroding many forms of community life, social attachments, and a shared sense of comradeship, unity, and support. Some research has indicated a decline in community theater, festival, and football attendance. A lack of community has debilitating psychological and physical effects on people. Being Odd Fellows means we are called to work on this concern locally and internationally. We must also come to understand more about the decline of community.

community bonding 2 Odd Fellowship provides all these values in our lodges (except for political connections).  However, we must lead in stabilizing community values on the local and international level.

U.S. sociologist Robert Putnam states that “the social glue that binds together individuals and wider collectives is referred to as social capital.‘”…

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