Grief, Hashimotos Thyroiditis


via Daily Prompt: Invisible Invisible Illness they call it invisible to everyone even to me at times this thing with the vague symptoms intangible invisible sometimes I wonder if it's all in my head lab results appear or  someone says your color is better today your neck isn't as swollen you're walking better and I… Continue reading Invisible

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Feeling buried. Hoping it’s just a seed phase.

via Daily Prompt: Patience What's that saying about seeds and burying? Life sort of feels that way to me right now,  like I don't know where I'm going next. Which of course is not really necessary, I can live in trust that the Spirit is guiding me.. go with the flow, live in the moment,… Continue reading Feeling buried. Hoping it’s just a seed phase.


Sygogglin’ Skewwhiff

According to my brilliant cousin Laura, skewwhiff is a word of 18th century Scottish origin meaning off balance.. According to my equally brilliant cousin Lynn sygogglin' is also an apt word for this craziness that has claimed my brain! Maybe I should back up a bit and explain to y'all just exactly why I feel… Continue reading Sygogglin’ Skewwhiff